Dear friends and family,  
You may or may not know that I first started writing about our farming experience on Hobbyfarmhoneymoon.yolasite.com for our personal documentation. I also sent it off to a few friends and family who encouraged me to keep the short accounts coming. After recording the first four years, I continued writing in Hobbyfarmhoneymoon2.yolasite.com. I stopped posting on these sites about our farming experience when I became a blogger for the online version of "Capper's Farmer" which many years ago was called "Capper's Weekly." It is also a sister publication to the old, old, farming magazine called "GRIT."
Capper's Farmer was new when I became one of its first bloggers, and I've written 90, yes 90, posts for them. At the beginning I retold some of our previous experiences, and then forged ahead to everything new that excited me. About a year ago, I realized that we were no longer learning and doing many new things as in the past, and so what was I going to write about? My editor suggested that I tell about my family and life experiences. Recently, I slowed down from about one post a week to one post a month. Larry and I are concerned that things we are doing on the farm that I don't feel worthy of a Capper's blog post, such as finishing up jobs, are not getting recorded for us personally, so we've decided I should go back to Yolasite and keep our journal going. I certainly will understand if you aren't interested when you see them posted, but I wanted to inform you why they are there. What I really should tell you, though, is that I love to write, and Larry says that I'm the happiest when I'm blobbing!
So, if you should see something posted under Hobbyfarmhoneymoon3, just know it is an extra.  Thanks!

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